A peek! (8.10)

I’ve got 3 big boxes of beautiful projects in my living room, ready to go back to their designers. My daughters were so excited to get THEIR projects. (I promised one of my own projects to the youngest, and the test knit I did for another designer is for my older daughter.) My son was excited to get my vampire doll back. Sadly he didn’t make it into the book. All of our toys were left out of the book, but we’ll most likely have the patterns available here on the blog.

Well, since we’re so close to the date, I’m going to give a peek.

Here’s a peek at “Love Bites” for men – something to make for the men in your life, immortal or otherwise. It’s designed by Toni Carr href=”joanofdarkknits.blogspot.com”><a href=”joanofdarkknits.blogspot.com”>, author of Knockdown Knits. Keep an eye out for the next blogpost, which will be a spotlight on Toni!


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