Adventures At Comic Con Part 2 (7.27.10)

So, I had the chance to go back to Comic Con on Saturday.  I must admit, it felt a bit weird.  Comic Con was my husband’s idea.  The world of comics and heroes and such wasn’t really my thing.  However, I had the opportunity to do some promotion for the book, so I jumped at the chance, left the kids with my parents, and headed down to the craziness alone.

It felt a bit weird, heading to Qualcomm alone and getting on the trolley alone.  I’m not one to sit quietly in my own little bubble, so I struck up conversations along the way, which helped me to feel less alone.  I had the great opportunity to meet an online friend for coffee that morning, as well!  Betsy (wandb_ff on twitter) is someone I’ve “known” for 7 years, and to be able to sit down for coffee with her was great!  I only wish I didn’t have to rush out the door, as I could have easily spent another hour or two just chatting and visiting with her.

When I finally found myself inside at the Crown Publishing booth, I did an interview on video for them all about the book.  I’m not sure what they’ll be using it for, but as soon as I know, I’ll post it!  I talked to some people, signed an autograph (what on earth?) and spent far too much time explaining to an older man in a cowboy outfit that the picture on the cover wasn’t me.  He thought I was wearing a wig.  It was awkward.

I did have two panels I wanted to see that day.  One was Vampire Authors, and the other was the Lost podcast panel.  I was interested to hear the Vamp authors, especially Charlaine Harris.  I did get a picture, though it wasn’t very clear.

Charlaine Harris is the 3rd one from the right.  I know that one of the women on the right is the Vampire Academy author, and somewhere on the panel is the author of the Morganville Vampire series, which are both on my list of things to read.

I headed down to the Marriot for the Lost podcast  panel.  It was a bit like a maze trying to get there, and there were a lot of people.  I had to go outside to get there, and there was some publicity for a new movie (I think) called “Skyline.”  I was told by the security to look for “people shaped bubbles” which didn’t make any sense until I saw this.

The Marriot “lobby” was teeny, at least where we entered from the Convention Center, but it made it easy to spot Ryan and Jen from The Transmission!

The panel was fun.  It was nice meeting people I’ve been listening to for months… almost felt like I already knew them.  It was nice to be in a discussion where people could talk about LOST now that it’s over (sniff).

and now I’m obsessed with finding this tee shirt that someone was wearing that day.

On my way out, I took some photos trying to capture the craziness of just how many people were there.

At the trolley station, the signs were all in Klingon (someone had to tell me this).

All in all, I was very nervous about being there period, let alone being there by myself.  Despite that, I ended up having a pretty great day, and might even want to go back next year!


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