Designer Spotlight – Nikol Lohr (4.2.11)

Happy Spring!
First of all, I apologize profusely for neglecting this blog! I have no good excuse for it – just let myself get busy with life and kids and family. But I’m back, and I promise to do better with keeping updates to the blog from here on out!
Today we meet Nikol Lohr, the designer of the gorgeous corset in the book! She runs the Harveyville Project and is the author of Naughty Needles.
How long have you been knitting and how’d you get started?

2004–a friend bough me a copy of stitch n bitch, and I taught myself

How did you start designing?

I came up with the concept for Naughty Needles & had to figure out how to produce my ideas.

What was your first design?

Fembot nightie from Naughty Needles.

What did you design for Vampire Knits?  What inspired you?

Prim Reaper Corset. I was inspired by Drusilla’s undergarments in one of my all-time-favorite episodes of Angel, Dear Boy.

Who’s your favorite vampire, or what’s your favorite vampire story?

I’m terribly fond Buffy/Angel, but I’m also really really enjoying True Blood. I like my monsters with a heavy dose of humor and very little sulking.


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