Success At the Knit Shop!

This past Saturday, I was at Knitting With Sandra, a “local-ish” yarn shop for a book signing. The shop is in Riverside, CA, which is about an hour away from me. Shelley, one of the owners, contacted me through Ravelry a few months back about having an event, and I thought it was a great idea! I was still smarting a bit from being rejected from my own local bookseller, so when I was contacted by Shelley, I was over the moon.

Saturday started off with a soccer game between the Yellowjackets and the Dynomites!

Me and my little Yellowjacket, Madeline.

After the game, I gathered my samples, my m&ms, my buttons, my magnets, my map, my directions, changed my clothes, ate a quick hot dog, kissed the kids & husband, and set off to the shop.

I was quite proud of myself that I did not get lost, even without a GPS.

The shop was lovely, as were the women. I was prepared to do a demonstration of the duplicate stitch, but it never came up, and we were having such fun chatting and getting to know each other, that I just let it go. I signed several books, and even signed an apron, which had been signed by several other (more well-known than me) designers.

The lovely ladies brought a fabulous spider cake, cupcakes, chocolate/caramel dipped giant pretzel sticks, meatballs, snacks, and drinks. There were vampy napkins that made me giggle. They had plenty of copies of the book to sign – and red sharpies!

My parents stopped by on their way home from visiting my grandmother, which was nice. I got to have some familiar, loving faces and they got to see their daughter in action. My mom also picked out some yarn she thought might make a good project for HER. (so I bought some – don’t tell her)

My most surreal moment was brought to me by a woman named Michelle, who snuck in behind me and told me she had a book to sign whenever I had a moment. When I turned around to chat with her, she showed me her Tourniquet scarf she knit and said my book was the first knitting book she’d ever bought for herself.

I had a twinge of a celebrity moment for just a second. I was overwhelmed by emotion and couldn’t believe that a) she knit something I designed and b) she couldn’t wait to show me. I LOVED it. I took a picture of her and then we took one together. I decided I needed to wear the Werewolf Hat so we’d both have something on. (Nevermind that it was 95 degrees outside – it was lovely and air-conditioned inside Knitting With Sandra.)

Thanks Sandra, Shelley, and all the lovely ladies at the knit shop! I had a lovely day and hope to be back soon!


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