How A Pile of Yarn Becomes A Sweater, Part Deux

So, I posted the first bit of how I started making *something* awhile back HERE. I was doing really, really well. Actually, I wasn’t. I was knitting up LATE at night and forgetting to psso and so my 145 sts became about 175 sts and I had to frog after about 5 inches. Heartbreak, I tell you.

But I started over. Here’s my journey.

Starting over. Knitting at soccer practice.

Skirt finished, before blocking.

working on the sleeves and the bodice...


We were heading to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, so what better than to spend some time…

Knitting in the car...

a few hours in the car will get you shoulders!

Knitting outside...

Finally done knitting and on the blocking mats!


The back

The hood

So as you can see, it’s the Lore Hoodie, designed by Cirilia Rose. I’m SO happy to have finished it! I’ve been wearing it all day, since I’ve finished sewing on the buttons. Not everyone knows I knit it. Not everyone knows it’s from Vampire Knits. I do, on both counts, and I love it. There’s just something making something with your own hands – seeing lumps of yarn turn into a gorgeous knit garment you can wear with pride, and if someone gives you a compliment and says, “What a pretty sweater!” you can say, “I knit it myself!” and watch their faces show astonishment.

Next on the needles? Some Christmas knitting and some projects for my next book idea…

Happy December, everyone! What’s on YOUR needles?



One thought on “How A Pile of Yarn Becomes A Sweater, Part Deux

  1. callonmebill says:

    Wow your Lore Hoodie is fantastic. Possibly on day I’ll get good enough and make one too.

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