Knits For Nerds!

Are you a nerd? A geek? Like sci fi? Fantasy? Comics?

Well, I’ve got the perfect knitting book for you!

Knits for Nerds!

My son, perusing the book at our local indie book store.

I may have more of a vested interest in this book than the usual knitting book, because I have a couple of patterns in it.

I know it's geeky, but I love seeing my name in print. 😛

My Space Princess Hat pattern has one basic hat pattern you can alter to make 3 different ways.

Top: Classic Buns (option one) and Snow Princess (Option 2)

Option 3 (I like to call this Cloud City)

The next pattern is the Book Wizard.

Ipad version

Both ipad & kindle (ereader) versions.

It is always so exciting to see your own name in print, and to see your own patterns on the printed page!

I have to say that Toni Carr (aka Joan  of Dark) put together an awesome book and the photographs of all the projects is fabulous!!

If you knit and are a nerd, or know and love a nerd or a geek, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Some projects listed in the table of contents:

Hobbit Feet Slippers

Dragon Rider Gloves

Horrible Gloves

Trek Girl Dress

Manga Leg Warmers

Real Genius Sweater

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Go get your copy!!


Go on!

Really.  GO.  Bye!  See ya!  Go get it and report back on what you’re going to make! 🙂