Someone Has Been Stealing


Today I found out that someone has been posting Every. Single. Page. Of. Vampire Knits.


Every. Page. Every Pattern. Posted on facebook under the guise of being a “Japanese” pattern.

I’ve contacted facebook and my publishers, but I’m really angry and I feel a bit violated, honestly. Perhaps I’m being too melodramatic, but I’m upset. From what I understand, over 11 THOUSAND people are on this page and their blog.

If you like Vampire Knits, and are interested in the next book, can you do me a favor? Please make sure none of your friends are on that site, and if you can spread the word about Vampire Knits, perhaps we can get more people over here to the blog and the website, and they can get the patterns the right way.

I don’t know what will come of this, but I know that it’s pretty much put a big black cloud over my day.

Thanks to all of you who are here – I really appreciate you!



Updates for “Once Upon A Knit”

Well, things are moving along! All the projects and all the patterns are in NY being reviewed. It looks like a few of my items might be cut for size’s sake, and if they are, I’ll offer them here and most likely on Ravelry.

For now, we’re looking forward to the photo shoot! I’ll never forget when I saw the photos from the first book. It was crazy to see all the great knit items actually being worn by models and in such a beautiful place. I feel confident this book will be no different!

Here’s a sample of what the styling might be like. It might change, and we’re not sure if it’ll be “Once Upon A Time Knits” or “Once Upon A Knit” – but you get the idea.

Possible title page

Possible title page


Once the photo shoot is done and I’ve gone through the copyedited text, then we’ll have a better idea of the release date. We’re hoping we can make it in time for this Fall!!


I’ll keep everyone updated when I have more to share!