Someone Has Been Stealing


Today I found out that someone has been posting Every. Single. Page. Of. Vampire Knits.


Every. Page. Every Pattern. Posted on facebook under the guise of being a “Japanese” pattern.

I’ve contacted facebook and my publishers, but I’m really angry and I feel a bit violated, honestly. Perhaps I’m being too melodramatic, but I’m upset. From what I understand, over 11 THOUSAND people are on this page and their blog.

If you like Vampire Knits, and are interested in the next book, can you do me a favor? Please make sure none of your friends are on that site, and if you can spread the word about Vampire Knits, perhaps we can get more people over here to the blog and the website, and they can get the patterns the right way.

I don’t know what will come of this, but I know that it’s pretty much put a big black cloud over my day.

Thanks to all of you who are here – I really appreciate you!




9 thoughts on “Someone Has Been Stealing

  1. I feel very bad for you, hope all gets worked out and you get the fb page closed. Such dishonest is sickening….

  2. That is terrible! I really hope Facebook shuts them down. This is wrong and you deserve so much more than this. There are many people, including myself, who appreciate your work. Don’t let this drag you down. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  3. joan says:

    It happens, and it sucks. Happened with Knockdown Knits and really, there isn’t much to be done. Just hope that people that can afford to buy it will, or that people that get the first through downloading will get the next one through legit means. Contact your publisher and let them know, they’ll take the responsibility of trying to shut it down.

  4. That sucks. I bought a copy of the book, and I love it. Is there a way that we can help to get the word out about this for you?

  5. kalona says:

    Frankly I hope that I can find the page because having just purchased the book I am appalled and miffed to find that the pattern I really wanted is missing because pages 33-50 were never glued into the book. This may have been an odd copy, but I for one am not impressed. I would like said pages if anyone knows where they are posted.

    • troismommy says:

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in the book. This was an issue that happened with the book early on. I posted about it as soon as we figured it out. This happens sometimes and isn’t personal, of course. Please call Random House customer service at
      1-800-793-2665 and they can send you a new copy.

      • kalona says:

        Thankyou for that, I am in the UK though, will that make a difference? I realise it’s not personal, but would have imagined that there were a number of checks/processes that would highlight the problem before it hit the shops…

      • troismommy says:

        It shouldn’t matter whether you’re in the UK or the US. Vendors were contacted over two years ago and should have checked their inventory. I’m not sure why this one slipped through the cracks.

  6. Willow says:

    This is really terrible, and I hope people buy your book instead. Congratulations on your new book — I love the hooded cloak look in both books. It’s unfortunate how many scans of Japanese craft books are online, including for sale (I can’t believe how many are on etsy!) — those authors deserve their sales too.

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