Once Upon A Knit in New Zealand

I was sent photos today of a “Once Upon A Knit” inspired crafting competition held by Page & Blackmore booksellers. It looks like it was a lot of fun and they got some great entries!

One of the winners was the Little Red Riding Hood piece in the frame.

One of the winners was the Little Red Riding Hood piece in the frame.

P&B Once Upon A Knit 2

I’m so glad to be part of the inspiration for such a fun competition!!


Fairy Tale Character of the Month – Maleficent

I know it’s been awhile, and for that I apologize. I’ve been on vacation and before that I just let it fall by the wayside. I am picking it back up and starting fresh with Maleficent!

Fairy Tale Character Profile – Maleficent

The 1959 Disney Maleficent, Disney's new Maleficent, and Once Upon A Time's Maleficent.

The 1959 Disney Maleficent, Disney’s new Maleficent, and Once Upon A Time’s Maleficent.

In Charles Perrault’s tale “The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood,” several fairies were invited to the christening of the baby princess. Slighted for not having been invited, the “dark fairy” if you will, curses the newborn baby to prick her finger on a spindle of the spinning wheel and die. One of the other fairies amends that she will fall into a sleep for 100 years, only to be awoken by “the son of a king.” (no mention of true love)
In neither the Perrault version nor the Grimm version is the fairy named. Not until the 1959 Disney adaptation was she given the name Maleficent, which came from the word maleficence, which means “the doing of evil or harm.”
In “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie, the story is slightly different. Maleficent shows us her backstory and explains the reason she curses the baby princess. Without spoiling anything, she is a much more sympathetic character than we’ve ever seen her to be. (By the way, I saw it today and LOVED it! I took all 3 kids and we all just loved it!!)
In “Once Upon A Time” we don’t know much about her except she traded Regina the dark curse for the sleeping curse, and she turns into a dragon. It’s hinted that she curses Aurora (and possibly her mother), although that storyline hasn’t been explored.

Now, if you feel like channeling your inner dragon, or your inner “dark fairy” you can knit yourself the Maleficence Shrug by Tanis Gray.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.51.01 PM

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