Finding Your Knitting Book in the Library

Today the family and I went to Downtown L.A. and among the many stops we made was the library. It was a really cool place.

The inside walls of the elevators are made up of old card catalog cards.

The inside walls of the elevators are made up of old card catalog cards.

Once you get upstairs, there are fantastic sculptures hanging from the ceiling.


And they look great from all different angles.

Another point of view.

Another point of view.

I thought, “I wonder if they have my books here!” So I asked where the knitting section was.



My little models.

My little models.

I found some friends’ books, too!

Joan of Dark's "Knockdown "Knits" and "Knits for Nerds."

Joan of Dark’s “Knockdown “Knits” and “Knits for Nerds.”

Tanis Gray's "Knit Local."

Tanis Gray’s “Knit Local.”

They had “Once Upon A Knit” in hardcover, which I thought was nuts, since they were only published in paperback.

I have to say, it’s awfully darn cool to find your own work in a library. Hopefully people will check them out!

Geek Knits

This week Joan of Dark’s new knitting book dropped. GEEK KNITS!

You may remember her last book – Knits for Nerds.

This new book is similar. It’s filled with patterns inspired by Dr. Who, Comics, Gaming, Trek, and other fandoms. I attempted two patterns that didn’t really work. Then I got inspired, and came up with this.

Two years ago, my family got heavy into Star Trek. I wore this costume on Halloween 2013 and used a red cross-body bag for a purse, but it didn’t really look great. And then it hit me.


Make my own purse that goes with the dress! It’s called “Communicator Purse” which is not my name for it, but it’s fine. I’m assuming the publishers changed it because publishers are like that… they don’t always have the best ideas. Like when they told me my Rampion Scarf was “too esoteric.” But that’s okay.

If I weren’t such a geek it wouldn’t bother me. But it does. It’s a tricorder, not a communicator. My kids noticed it right away. A communicator is like a phone. A tricorder is a medical tool among other things.

But I digress.

It doesn’t matter what it’s called. It matters that it looks like something right out of Old School Trek. It looks like something Bones would wear when he calls out, “He’s dead, Jim!”


I lined it with cute Trek fabric.IMG_0042

I sewed on fake buttons and a fake screen.IMG_0044

It’s got a magnetic snap closure.IMG_0045

And little Kirk likes to play inside. 🙂

There are lots of great patterns in Geek Knits, as well as cameos of real celebrities modeling some of the items.

Run to your local book or knitting store and pick up a copy. Feel free to come back here and tell me what you think!