Knitting Nostalgia – My First (and only) V-Neck

When I became a mother, I suddenly wanted to knit ALL THE THINGS. It started with blankets, and then moved to cute little fruit hats.

A little pumpkin hat I made.

A little pumpkin hat I made.

After awhile, I wanted to do more complicated things, so I tried a v-neck pullover for my almost-2-year-old son. I did the body, the sleeves, everything looked fantastic… but I couldn’t get the v-neck quite right. We were going on vacation up to Washington State, so I took it with me and hoped to finish it on the trip.

I must have ripped that sucker out 10 times before I decided to look in the actual PHONE BOOK (this was 12 years ago – there were phone books back then) and find a local yarn shop and park myself on their couch and ask for help if I needed it (which I would).

My son, wearing the v-neck, up in Seattle.

I was (am) so proud of this because it was such a challenge at the time. It wasn’t perfect, but it was finished. 

This is what it looks like next to him now:


Maybe it’s time to knit him a new one.

I keep it, because it was made by me for my little boy. Someday maybe he’ll have a son who’ll wear it. Or maybe be it will just remind me to keep trying, even if it’s frustrating and I have to try several times to get it right.

Happy New Year – Happy Anniversary!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know it’s a little late for me to be wishing you a happy new year – on February 4th, but it’s been since December since I’ve posted. For that, I apologize.

I hope the holidays were wonderful and everyone is doing well in the new year. It’s hard to believe it’s already 2015. I think the older I get, the faster the years go by. When I was a kid, the school year lasted FOREVER. Now? On the last day of school I feel like school had just started. 😛

Happy Anniversary! It’s been one year since “Once Upon A Knit” was on shelves!


What’s new?

I have a design in Joan of Dark’s upcoming book! I’m really excited about it – it’s a design I really love and can’t wait to get back so I can use it myself! 🙂 If you know me at all – or read my other blog  – you won’t be surprised at this design!

What’s on the needles?

2 projects for another book-in-the-works from Joan. Here’s one.



What’s coming up?

I’m not sure. I was recently inspired by my new favorite tv shows and am sketching out a new book. We’ll see what happens. I am a little trepidatious about it, as it’s a big task (as usual) and  I’m working part-time these days, which makes it more challenging. HOWEVER, I hope to be teaching full-time soon, so if I am lucky enough to get a teaching job next year, my knitting time will be limited, so I think it’s now or never (or at least now or the summertime and whenever I have little bits of time).

So, we’ll see. I still have at least 4 more book ideas sketched out, too. Maybe some day I’ll get them all done. I may be 90, but I’ll get them done. 😉

Here’s a tease of some of my ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.08.48 AM

For now, I’ll finish my current projects and go from there.

Be on the lookout for a new Fairy Tale Character of the Week! I’m going to be much better about that – I promise!!


Holiday Knitting

My name is Genevieve, and I’m not a holiday knitter.

I have been in the past, and I might be in the future, but it’s been awhile since I made the conscious decision to knit people gifts for Christmas.

When I was in junior high (yes, back in my day it was called junior high instead of middle school), I knit a bunch of potholders for grandmothers for the holidays. One, because they were grandmothers and would like whatever I made and two, because they weren’t very time consuming.

30 year old potholders I made for my grandma

30 year old potholders I made for my grandma

The next time I knit Christmas gifts for anyone was when our family decided to do homemade gifts for everyone. I knit hats for my brothers and their girlfriends/wives.


2 brothers, 1 wife well, before they were married), 1 son, 1 husband all in hats

2 brothers, 1 wife (well, before they were married), 1 son, 1 husband all in hats

I will say that those hats were very early in my hat knitting days, so they weren’t the fanciest hats.

And then one year I did scarves.

The other brother in his blue scarf

The other brother in his blue scarf

I’m pretty sure that’s the last time I knit gifts for everyone. I knit a scarf for my mom in 2008, and this year I knit her the Rumplestiltskin Infinity Scarf for her birthday (in red) so she could wear it on her trip to France. Now that I think about it… my dad is the only one who doesn’t have something knit from me. Hm… I may have to rectify that soon!

Since 2008, however, I’ve almost always been working on projects for books – mine or other people’s, and that knitting took precedence over knitting something heartfelt for friends or family. And sadly, it never even dawned on me to knit a teacher a gift! What a terrible crafting parent I am! I wonder if my kids’ teachers ever thought, “Hey! The knitter’s kid is in my class! I wonder if she’ll knit me something for Christmas!” Yikes. If you are/were one of my children’s teachers and thought this, I sincerely apologize for letting you down!

I suppose I should revisit the whole idea of holiday knitting. One of my issues is that by the time I realize I need to buy/make gifts, my time is very limited. So small, quick gifts would work best… at least until I start becoming a planner and knitting gifts during the summer (who am I kidding?).

Do you knit gifts for the holidays? What’s your favorite gift to knit? Is it small items like gloves and hats and scarves? Is it bigger projects like sweaters, shawls, and blankets?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


ps – there are some great quick-to-knit projects in Once Upon A Knit…

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.52.42 AM

Rumplestiltskin Infinity Scarf

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.51.26 AM

Woodland Friends Hats

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.50.43 AM

An Apple A Day Potholder





Needle Arts on Vacation

So, every time we go on vacation, I usually bring some knitting.

Gracie, knitting on the way to San Francisco.

Gracie, knitting on the way to San Francisco.

Knitting on the way to San Francisco.

Knitting on the way to San Francisco.


Knitting on the plane home from Orlando.

Knitting on the plane home from Orlando.

I’ve also knit in vacation- literally. This is the Hoh Rainforest in Washington.

knit hoh

The last two weeks we’ve been on vacation. I brought my knitting, but sadly only worked on it for a very small amount of time. Maybe that says something about how busy we were. 🙂

My daughter also brought some knitting. And we visited the local knit shop, The Websters (who by the way carry “Once Upon A Knit”), and she taught herself a new skill. Needle felting!

I bought her a kit and she started the minute we got back to the hotel room.

I bought her a kit and she started the minute we got back to the hotel room.

She made the penguin from the kit, but added wings and feet (which were not in the instructions).

She made the penguin from the kit, but added wings and feet (which were not in the instructions).

She made another.

She made another.

She finished and wanted to do more, but was out of most of her roving, so we went back and bought more, plus a book, and she made a dog, and started a shark on the ride home.

I would get carsick, I think.

I would get carsick, I think.

She made this shark on our ride home. Everything but the teeth, which were added that night!



So while we both did some knitting, the big thing for this trip was needle felting. Who knows what we’ll do on our next trip… I’m thinking we might learn to spin wool!

Spotlight On Candy Witch Gloves

Greetings! I apologize for being a bit absent lately. I have recently started back to a “day job” and it’s been challenging finding time for everything. Balance is key.

Today I’m spotlighting the Candy Witch Gloves by Laura Hohman.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.55.54 PM

These gloves are inspired by Hansel and Gretel. The two children who were sent into the woods by their father and stepmother, who couldn’t afford to feed them. They come upon a house made of gingerbread, which they begin to eat (as any child would). Lo and behold, a witch lives inside, who promptly put Hansel in a cage to fatten him up and cook him for supper. Thank goodness Gretel is a clever, brave girl who outsmarts the witch and saves her brother.

These gloves look like they’re made of gingerbread, icing, and gumdrops!

Things to know for this pattern? Making a  bobble.

Yarn used:


In Which I Meet Joan of Dark – Author of Knits for Nerds

When I started out on this quest of writing a book of Vampire-inspired patterns, I started on Ravelry with a group of like-minded people.

The funny thing about collaborating with folks online is that often, you never meet in person. The designers who worked on my two books are from Utah, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Washington, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Washington DC, the UK, and Canada! I never met any of them. Until now.

That designer was Joan of Dark. You may recognize her from “Knockdown Knits”,


or “Knits for Nerds”

She also contributed this awesome sweater to “Vampire Knits”:

Love Bites, for him by Joan of Dark

Love Bites, for him by Joan of Dark

She also has 4 designs in “Once Upon A Knit” – and they’re all fantastic!!

She has been in L.A. for the last few days doing photoshoots for HER new geek-inspired book that I’m contributing to. I can’t WAIT to see how everything turns out. I’ve seen some sneak peeks and it looks like she and her photographer, Kyle Cassidy, really have an eye for style.

We hugged. I met her husband, her friend Kerrie, and her photographer Kyle. They were all lovely. We talked Los Angeles, celebrities, designing, photo shoots, and publishers, and I was able to show her what her projects look like in “Once Upon A Knit.” It was a short but sweet meeting in the 95 degree heat of an unusually sweltering November day in Burbank, and we all crowded under the shade of my hatchback door to look at the galley.

Sadly, I forgot to whip out my phone and snap a selfie of the two of us, but it was great to finally meet her! Hopefully she won’t be the last knitwear designer and author I meet on my journey, but the first of many. ❤ I can’t wait to see her new book, which will be out sometime in 2014.

Click on her name above to find her blog and follow her on twitter.

And in case you’re not following me yet, you can find me two places:


3 more months til “Once Upon A Knit” is out!!!

Pre-Order Once Upon A Knit!

Hello, everyone!!

I have a teeny little update on the book. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!


HERE is the link!

Feel free to order it for yourself or any Fairy Tale or Knitting-loving friend!  Photography was just finished, so it doesn’t have a cover design yet, but it will soon!

And here’s a little peek at one of the projects…

Just a peek...

Just a peek…

Happy Tuesday!!




Someone Has Been Stealing


Today I found out that someone has been posting Every. Single. Page. Of. Vampire Knits.


Every. Page. Every Pattern. Posted on facebook under the guise of being a “Japanese” pattern.

I’ve contacted facebook and my publishers, but I’m really angry and I feel a bit violated, honestly. Perhaps I’m being too melodramatic, but I’m upset. From what I understand, over 11 THOUSAND people are on this page and their blog.

If you like Vampire Knits, and are interested in the next book, can you do me a favor? Please make sure none of your friends are on that site, and if you can spread the word about Vampire Knits, perhaps we can get more people over here to the blog and the website, and they can get the patterns the right way.

I don’t know what will come of this, but I know that it’s pretty much put a big black cloud over my day.

Thanks to all of you who are here – I really appreciate you!



Updates, Deadlines, and Websites

Hey folks! I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve moved my website. Vampire Knits. It’s still the same URL, but I moved the host, so it looks really different – and unfinished. I’ll continue to work on it as time goes on and I’ll be adding the buttons to purchase Vampire Knits, and when it’s available for pre-order – Once Upon A Knit.

In terms of the new book- the text is in and all but one project are in! (It’s done, but needs “embellishing” if you will.) As soon as I have any updates about photo shoots or publish dates, I will post them here and probably on the website.

I also post things on my twitter feed.

And there’s a facebook page HERE

Thanks so much for hanging in there, readers!! I apologize for not being very vocal lately, but finishing up the book has taken all my time and energy (well, this and my entire family going through sickness after sickness).

Updates soon!


What’s On The Needles (and the brain)

I’ve been working on the designs for the new book. Some days it’s harder to find my motivation than others, but I’m working on it! The summer, it turns out, is a tough time to find myself working on a huge project, but I digress. Things are moving forward!

My knitting bag I carry everywhere these days, with research.

Sometimes I need to tend to other things, like Maddie’s well-loved “Flopsy” who needed emergency surgery.

A project inspired by “The Princess and the Pea”… in progress.

Swatching is very important.

Inspired by Rapunzel… in progress

I have two more projects on the needles now, both inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood” and I’ve received a “Rumplestiltskin” project from the lovely Joan of Dark, and two lovely designs for Evil Queens from Tanis Gray. So exciting to finally see things coming together!!

Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for another Vampire Knits Designer Spotlight this week!!