Finding Your Knitting Book in the Library

Today the family and I went to Downtown L.A. and among the many stops we made was the library. It was a really cool place.

The inside walls of the elevators are made up of old card catalog cards.

The inside walls of the elevators are made up of old card catalog cards.

Once you get upstairs, there are fantastic sculptures hanging from the ceiling.


And they look great from all different angles.

Another point of view.

Another point of view.

I thought, “I wonder if they have my books here!” So I asked where the knitting section was.



My little models.

My little models.

I found some friends’ books, too!

Joan of Dark's "Knockdown "Knits" and "Knits for Nerds."

Joan of Dark’s “Knockdown “Knits” and “Knits for Nerds.”

Tanis Gray's "Knit Local."

Tanis Gray’s “Knit Local.”

They had “Once Upon A Knit” in hardcover, which I thought was nuts, since they were only published in paperback.

I have to say, it’s awfully darn cool to find your own work in a library. Hopefully people will check them out!

Pre-Order Once Upon A Knit!

Hello, everyone!!

I have a teeny little update on the book. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!


HERE is the link!

Feel free to order it for yourself or any Fairy Tale or Knitting-loving friend!  Photography was just finished, so it doesn’t have a cover design yet, but it will soon!

And here’s a little peek at one of the projects…

Just a peek...

Just a peek…

Happy Tuesday!!




More Knits for Nerds

Hey All!

Sorry I’ve been so absent. I’ve been planning field trips, fundraising, and teaching the 3rd graders to knit, which is equal parts fun, frustrating, and rewarding.I’ve also been  working on new designs that I can hopefully tell you more about soon.

Until then, I have some reading material for you!


and here’s a Knitpicks Podcast interview she did.

The next thing I’m casting on that’s not a new design is a wonderfully soft warm baby blanket for someone. I don’t want to spoil it for her in case she reads the blog. She’s not on Ravelry. This I know… so if you ARE on Ravelry, you can go HERE to look at it.

I hope I finish it in time!!

Until next time- happy knitting!

Knits For Nerds!

Are you a nerd? A geek? Like sci fi? Fantasy? Comics?

Well, I’ve got the perfect knitting book for you!

Knits for Nerds!

My son, perusing the book at our local indie book store.

I may have more of a vested interest in this book than the usual knitting book, because I have a couple of patterns in it.

I know it's geeky, but I love seeing my name in print. 😛

My Space Princess Hat pattern has one basic hat pattern you can alter to make 3 different ways.

Top: Classic Buns (option one) and Snow Princess (Option 2)

Option 3 (I like to call this Cloud City)

The next pattern is the Book Wizard.

Ipad version

Both ipad & kindle (ereader) versions.

It is always so exciting to see your own name in print, and to see your own patterns on the printed page!

I have to say that Toni Carr (aka Joan  of Dark) put together an awesome book and the photographs of all the projects is fabulous!!

If you knit and are a nerd, or know and love a nerd or a geek, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Some projects listed in the table of contents:

Hobbit Feet Slippers

Dragon Rider Gloves

Horrible Gloves

Trek Girl Dress

Manga Leg Warmers

Real Genius Sweater

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Go get your copy!!


Go on!

Really.  GO.  Bye!  See ya!  Go get it and report back on what you’re going to make! 🙂




Two Months!! (7.14.10)

Today is July 14, which means that in exactly 2 months from today, Vampire Knits will be on shelves!  This means that if you pre-ordered it, it will be shipped to you!  This means that after all the hard work everyone’s put into this project, we will get to sit back and watch it unfold.

I must admit, I’m both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous.  I want people to buy it.  I want people to love it.  I want people to recommend it to their friends and family.

Here’s a fun bit of trivia.  It’s being released the day after Bella Swan’s birthday.

Here’s a fun bit of news.  Random House will be exhibiting at Comic Con, and as part of their booth they’ll have buttons to hand out for Vampire Knits!  I will be there personally on Saturday and am hoping to attend other days as well, but as of this moment, am unsure of that.  As soon as I know, I’ll post about it.  In the meantime, if you’re attending Comic Con in San Diego, visit Booth 1515 and you can check it out, and hopefully see me!

What is Vampire Knits?

(originally posted 6/7/10)
Several people have asked me just how Vampires and knitting fit in with each other. Two seemingly unrelated topics have come together in our book, and they make perfect sense to all of us involved in the book!

First, Vampires and knitting have been around for ages. Some tales of vampires date back thousands of years BC, though the term “vampire” didn’t show up in English writing til the 1700s. Similarly, “knit” items have dated back to the 3rd or 4th century AD, although knitting as we know it seems to date back to the 1200s.

Secondly, just as you can lose yourself in a good vampire story, you can also lose yourself in a great knitting pattern. You could combine your love of vampires with your love of knitting by making yourself sexy vampy gloves, or a black lacy scarf that reminds you of dark, sexy vampires.

Vampires evoke certain imagery. Hiding in shadows, they slink around at night looking for prey. Or, they step out into the daylight to woo their human prey by sparkling in the sunshine.

Vampire Knits combines our love of vampires with our love of beautiful, timeless knits. There’s something for everyone in our book and we’ll be showing sneak peeks soon!

In the meantime, if you find yourself at TNNA this week, be sure to look for Potter Craft – they might just have something to share!