4 Weeks til Once Upon A Knit!!!

Hey there, everyone!! I can’t believe that it’s finally almost here! Once Upon A Knit will be on the shelves in 4 weeks and one day!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, and for those of you enjoying terrible weather- I’m sorry. I am thankful we’re living in California, where it’s warm, because at the moment my middle child is living with two casts, and it’s really hard to put on shirts with anything longer than a short,wide sleeve. (She broke her wrists roller skating a few days after Christmas.)


Since we’re getting closer, I thought I’d post another peek, and let you meet some of the designers.

So, here are two designers who are featured in the book, as well as a peek at their designs!

First up is Marilee Norris. You may remember her from Vampire Knits – she designed the Vampire Totes and Descent Into Darkness wrap. She also designed this adorable robot doll for Knits for Nerds. In the new book, she did three patterns. Without giving too much away, here are sneaks at her projects.



Another Vampire Knits alum is Rilana Riley-Munson. She designed the Countess Bathory Scarf. She also designed a gorgeous shawl for Knits for Nerds – Summer Queen Shawl.

In Once Upon A Knit she has two beautiful designs!



I’ll be introducing more designers and giving more sneak peeks as the release date gets closer!  Happy New Year!!


Another Sneak Peek for Once Upon A Knit

Okay, so here’s a little collage I put together of my projects for the new book. There are almost 30 projects, 9 of which are mine. Here’s a taste of just my projects. I wonder if you can guess which fairy tales/stories they’re from!



Some of them are easier than others. 🙂

Sneak Peeks at Fairy Tale Projects

Hi all! We just hit a bit of a deadline here for the new book and I thought I’d give little teases.



I know its not much, and it’s hard to tell what they are… but that’s the fun!

I’m sure I”ll show more later. For now, that’s all. Things are going well. Projects are moving forward. The other designers and I are hard at work!


More Knits for Nerds

Hey All!

Sorry I’ve been so absent. I’ve been planning field trips, fundraising, and teaching the 3rd graders to knit, which is equal parts fun, frustrating, and rewarding.I’ve also been  working on new designs that I can hopefully tell you more about soon.

Until then, I have some reading material for you!


and here’s a Knitpicks Podcast interview she did.

The next thing I’m casting on that’s not a new design is a wonderfully soft warm baby blanket for someone. I don’t want to spoil it for her in case she reads the blog. She’s not on Ravelry. This I know… so if you ARE on Ravelry, you can go HERE to look at it.

I hope I finish it in time!!

Until next time- happy knitting!