Knitting Nostalgia – My First (and only) V-Neck

When I became a mother, I suddenly wanted to knit ALL THE THINGS. It started with blankets, and then moved to cute little fruit hats.

A little pumpkin hat I made.

A little pumpkin hat I made.

After awhile, I wanted to do more complicated things, so I tried a v-neck pullover for my almost-2-year-old son. I did the body, the sleeves, everything looked fantastic… but I couldn’t get the v-neck quite right. We were going on vacation up to Washington State, so I took it with me and hoped to finish it on the trip.

I must have ripped that sucker out 10 times before I decided to look in the actual PHONE BOOK (this was 12 years ago – there were phone books back then) and find a local yarn shop and park myself on their couch and ask for help if I needed it (which I would).

My son, wearing the v-neck, up in Seattle.

I was (am) so proud of this because it was such a challenge at the time. It wasn’t perfect, but it was finished. 

This is what it looks like next to him now:


Maybe it’s time to knit him a new one.

I keep it, because it was made by me for my little boy. Someday maybe he’ll have a son who’ll wear it. Or maybe be it will just remind me to keep trying, even if it’s frustrating and I have to try several times to get it right.